Innovation For Justice

Through innovative approaches, AJISO seeks to revolutionize legal aid services, ensuring they are accessible, effective, and responsive to the evolving needs of society.

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AJISO's Holistic Approaches

Our strategic plan for 2023-2026 sets the stage for a bold journey towards agricultural transformation. With a steadfast commitment to sustainable development, we aim to pioneer innovative solutions, advocate for relevant policies, and empower smallholder producers. Join us as we forge a path towards a thriving future

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Are You Seeking Legal Aid?

We offer legal services to individuals unable to afford advocates. Reach us at 783 660 500 or visit our legal aid clinics at Ramole Street, Kiusa Ward, Moshi, Kilimanjaro.

AJISO-Development Partners

Legal Aid

 AJISO’s legal aid clinics serve as vital conduits, dismantling barriers to justice for low-income individuals. Through daily provision of legal aid, we address a spectrum of issues including land disputes, probate, marriage, child maintenance, labor, and Gender-Based Violence. Collaborating closely with paralegals, we extend our services throughout the Kilimanjaro region, working tirelessly to ensure access to justice for al

Social Economic Empowerment

 AJISO extends its impact beyond legal aid by fostering economic empowerment through Village Community Banks (VICOBA). With over 300 members, AJISO provides entrepreneurship education and skills training, empowering individuals to launch small businesses and income-generating activities. Through VICOBA, members progressively accumulate capital through share purchases, enabling access to loans for business expansion. This integrated approach underscores AJISO’s commitment to holistic empowerment and sustainable economic development within the Kilimanjaro region.

Children Protection

We partnered with over 47 schools in the Kilimanjaro region to advocate for children’s basic human rights. Our motivation comes from envisioning a bright future for our children. Nothing inspires us more than seeing them thrive under the protection of their rights.