Action for Justice in Society (AJISO) is a legal aid provision organization established in 1998 with the aim of promoting women and children rights and access to justice in the society. It empowers women and children  through access to justice , organizing public awareness raising meetings about human rights, legal education, Gender based violence.  AJISO train paralegals, the ward protection committees and child rights clubs so as to eliminate all forms of violence in the society.


Our Program

Legal Aid

In our Organisation we provide legal aid on a daily basis to clients that approach us with various issues such as Land issues, probate, marriage, child maintenance, labour and gender based violence.

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Social Economic Empowerment

Under this we formulate Village Community Banks (VICOBA) comprising of 30 Members each and provide them with entrepreneurship education and skills to enable them to enhance their living status.

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Social Justice

Since it is in our mission to ensure that there is social justice in the community, we are also conducting programs which will help to attain this through advocating for children, women and PWLDS rights .

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Our Mission

Is to promote Human Rights, access to justice and socioeconomic empowerment of women and children in Tanzania

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