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A Seminar on VICOBA and Human rights

Just as how the goal of our organization speculates that we are about ensuring there is access to justice and social-economic empowerment among poor and vulnerable women, children, and men in Tanzania are enhanced In cooperation with the government officials, Friends of AJISO’S and the priests of Rundugai parish. We had an opportunity to provide a seminar on VICOBA and LEGAL AND HUMAN RIGHTS education to a total of 60 representatives of 7 sub_parishes(50 women and 10 men)who will reach out to their communities and share what they gained and not only that but also create sustainable VICOBA groups of which we will fully train each group from the sub_parishes and at the parish as well. All this has a certainty of occurrence because after the training each sub_parish prepared a work plan on how they will go about fulfilling what we had agreed on and immediately they are ready to start VICOBA, they can inform us and we will reach out to provide training to the VICOBA of each sub_parish. Apart from that the LEGAL AND HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION in case they needed us to reach into their communities and provide a deeper education on certain laws then they can call us and we will reach out. However, it was an extremely exciting experience for our organization because of how ready and active the class was during the 2 days seminar.