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Blood Donation Week

The month of June is the month in which national blood week is celebrated in efforts to raise awareness on the need of frequent blood donation. This event occurs from the 10th to the 16th with the 14th being the worlds blood donor day. Blood donation holds great importance due to the fact that it allows individuals to have easier access to affordable and timely supplies of safe blood, a key part of an effective health care system. During this time period, AJISO contributed through its VICOBA groups.

AJISO helps the Government to sensitize community members to contribute to community activity including helping those in need and saving lives through blood donation. During the blood donation week, 42 VICOBA members contributed 25 pints of blood.  All the participants received a health checkup for blood pressure, diabetes and HIV. Not only that but AJISO together with the district medical officers of Rombo provided education in regards to health matters ranging from HIV to nutrition amongst diabetic children.