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AJISO Empowering Saving Groups

Gaudencia Straton is a chairperson of KIWAWAKI VICOBA group and paralegal Since 2017 from Tarakea- Rombo. She obtained a broad range of training from AJISO focused on financial management, agriculture and modern animal husbandry, entrepreneurship and legal aid services. Today, Gaudencia is developing the economy of her family, getting access to soft loans of up to 1,000,000 Tsh from her local KIWAWAKI VICOBA groups. 

Gaudencia Straton represents more than 300 other beneficiaries of AJISO financial inclusion project from Rombo districts in Kilimanjaro regions. A financial inclusion project was introduced by AJISO early in 2017 (women 80 percent, men 20 percent). The project aimed to establish VICOBA groups at Mengwe, Mkuu and Mashati divisions under MOYO International and at Usseri and Tarakea divisions were under Bread for the world.

AJISO works closely with all these groups to enhance financial inclusion and end gender based violation among group members. The groups received different training to help them acquire new required skills in financial management, agriculture and legal aid service from AJISO staff. 

Women were dependent, strictly prohibited to engage in social-economic development activities and there is no room to access soft loans due to their cultural beliefs. Today everything has changed. Women engaging in vicoba activities have started different economic activities and gained economic independence, Family members (Particularly Husbands) receive training and offer opportunities to women to participate in development activities.

AJISO is committed to expanding the degree of financial inclusion impact. In 2021, new groups are set to be established with 600 new members from the districts of Rombo so as to improve financial independence and encourage individuals to boost their family economy and the general well-being of the society.


Gender Percentage
Women 80%
Men 20%